AddWallet Update

Here in Nova Scotia, Canada, we haven't had any of the white
stuff for almost a week and temps are ranging from 7 to 10
degrees C, these days, with a scatter overnight frost.

With the Geese flying in from the south daily... I believe spring
is finally here .... lol

Can't go much wrong with nature's animals. The 'ol' time' fisherman
watch for these signs as well... such as... if the 'gulls' are nesting
farther down on the rock cliffs, closer to the ocean... It's going to
be a fairly calm summer...storm wise. If they are circling higher up
than usual... high winds are coming.

AddWallet .... over 50,000 members onboard so far and the Admin
is holding conferences on a steady basis plus sending out important
updates. Good Stuff!

As I mentioned before... it's a program comparable to the 'Zeekler'.
However... there are differences. With Zeek I would get paid in
"3 weeks" time after a withdrawal request and ''Units" I bought,
would earn for 90 days... then expire.

With AddWallet, I can request a payment before the Sunday cut off
time and get paid weekly. My "Ad Units", which cost a $1 each, earn
for 120 days... before expiring.

The magic of compounding is a big thing to consider with AddWallet.
It takes some patience and time, but like in 'Zeek' ... I'm seeing the payoff
these days. I'm currently doing a 50/50 where 50% purchases new
"AU's" and 50% goes to my cash balance... daily.

The daily revenue share averages at 1.5% per day with the compensation
plan stating anywhere from 1.2% to 2% every day of the week.

In other news... ClickPaid is issuing steady payments now and got paid
again. I bought more positions today and that crew will soon introduce
the 'optional' memberships... Premium and Premium Plus, which will produce
an additional ... monthly residual income, for those members interested.
Of which ... I are one ... lol

Well... it's not very often I over hype a program but Profit Clicking is
certainly something I have not seen before, with my experience online as
they continue to pay out on a daily basis on my end lately. That's from
the 'Premium Dashboard'.

I was keeping tabs on the program thru the later part of 2012 and into
2013 and figured they were toast but all of a sudden payments started
up a few weeks ago and they've been going strong ever since.

Members are also getting payments from the 'Basic Dashboard' these days
but a lot more patience is required, where watching the "green light system"
and working personal "timing" strategies are needed to land a withdrawal in
the "bucket".

So... PC is a program that is certainly unpredictable. For awhile there they
were as dull as watching the grass grow and then "HELLO! ... we are paying
again!" It's always a mix of watching older programs and that profit margin,
working the current developing sites plus reviewing new Launches, to see if
they have the gusto to make it happen.


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